How long will it take before my walls will be dry?
Damp-Vent will start working immediately after installation, but results will take time it can take a couple of months up to a year depending on the type of walls.
How deep do I need to drill?
Drill into the center cavity of the wall between the front and back layer of bricks (+/- 140mm)
Do I need to place Damp-Vents on the whole wall if only a portion of the wall has damp?
Vents need to be installed directly into the problem damp area we also recommend that Vents are placed at least 1000mm past the damp area, with 300mm gaps between vents.

Handy Tips

  • Try to identify the source of the problem where possible damp is coming from
  • Avoid spending Thousands on Damp-Proofing systems and waterproofing of walls, if the walls are not completely dry the same problem will re occur and your plaster will flake again
  • Expensive paints are not necessarily the best option for a damp wall as it is more concentrated and doesn’t allow the wall to “ breath” Often less expensive paints are more diluted
  • And let the wall breath which is better for the drying out process