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Damp-Vent Damp Ventilation Plugs (6-pack)


Includes 6 Damp-Vent plugs.

Proudly South African designed and manufactured.

Easy Damp Ventilation Solution For Your Home. When your damp proof course (DPC) is either missing or compromised, you can be sure that damp will slowly cause damage to your walls. Rising damp is an expensive problem to fix. But what if you could stop this problem from spreading ?

  • Prevents further spreading of rising damp
  • Easy installation – no need to strip and repaint your wall
  • Simple to install with little disturbance to building structure
  • Perfect for new and old buildings regardless of wall condition
  • Can be used on both single & double thickness walls
  • Use both interior and exterior of your home
  • Can be pre-installed in new homes
  • An essential component for waterproofing companies