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Rising Damp Solution

Do You Have Problems with Peeling Plaster & Paint on Your Walls?

There is no use to damp-proof and re-paint when there's still damp trapped inside a wall.

Introducing Damp-Vent - A simple & cheap ventilation solution to accelerate the drying out of walls - and cause no further damage.


Accelerate drying out of damp walls

Prevents further spreading of rising damp
Easy Installation - no need to strip and repaint your wall
Minimal disturbance to building structure
Perfect for new and old buildings
Can be used on both single & double thickness walls
Suitable for both interior and exterior use
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Rising Damp

Why Damp Vent?

Rising Damp

Do you have rising damp in your walls? Experts will probably advise you to strip your plaster and replace the DPC in your wall. Stripping the plaster not an option? There is an easier way. Less hassle, and only a fraction of the price.

Easy & less hassle

DampVent plugs

Damp-Vent plugs are a viable way to slow down wall damage and prevent the problem from getting out of hand. It not only provides a practical solution to a growing problem, but also negates the need for re-plastering and repainting your entire wall.

Can be pre-installed into new homes
An essential component for waterproofing companies

This is why we guarantee our product

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