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Do You Have Problems with Peeling Paint & Plaster on Your Walls?

There is no use to damp-proof and re-paint when there's still damp trapped inside a wall.

Introducing Damp-Vent - A Simple & Cheap Ventilation Solution to accelerate the drying out of walls - and cause no further damage.

Damp ventilation solution to accelerate drying out of damp walls

  • Prevents further spreading of rising damp
  • Easy Installation - no need to strip and repaint your wall
  • Minimal disturbance to building structure
  • Perfect for new and old buildings
  • Can be used on both single & double thickness walls
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior use
  • Can be pre-installed in new homes
  • An essential component for waterproofing companies
Damp-Vent Solutions
Rising Damp

Rising damp

Double wall installation

damp vent single wall diagram

Single wall installation

Why Damp-Vent?

Do you have rising damp in your walls? Experts will probably advise you to strip your plaster and replace the DPC in your wall. Stripping the plaster not an option? There is an easier way. Less hassle, and only a fraction of the price. Damp-Vent plugs are a viable way to slow down wall damage and prevent the problem from getting out of hand. It not only provides a practical solution to a growing problem, but also negates the need for re-plastering and repainting your entire wall.

damp vent installed interior

When your damp proof course (DPC) is either missing or compromised, you can be sure that damp will slowly cause damage to your walls. Rising damp is an expensive problem to fix.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Damp-Vent plug work?

The Damp-Vent plugs prevent further spreading of damp, helping the affected wall to ‘breathe’. Often moisture stays trapped in the wall after treatments like waterproofing. This causes the walls to crack and peel time and again. Installing Damp-Vent plugs lessens the likelihood of plaster and paint peeling further. It also accelerates the drying out of your walls.

How long will it take before my walls will be dry?

Damp-Vent will start working immediately after installation, but results will take time. It can take a couple of months up to a year depending on the type of walls.

What equipment is required for installation?

You require a Rotary Hammer Drill & 40mm SDS Max Masonry drill bit (recommended). The 40mm SDS Core bit will also work. This can be hired from most Tool Hire Shops.

How deep do I need to drill?

Drill into the centre cavity of the wall between the front and back layers of bricks (+/- 140mm). If there is no cavity, drill straight through the wall, and fit the plugs on either side. If it's not possible to drill straight through, drill halfway through and fit the plug/s on one side only.

What is the ideal spacing of the plugs?

Depending on the severity of your damp, the ideal spacing between plugs is 300-500mm apart. The suggested height is 300mm from the floor (or can be placed at height where damp is most prominent).

Do I need to place Damp-Vents on the whole wall if only a portion of the wall has damp?

Vents need to be installed directly into the problem damp area. We also recommend that Vents are placed at least 1000mm past the damp area, with 300mm gaps between vents.

Can Damp-Vent plugs be used in a bathroom?

No. It won’t be that effective.. The damp in a bathroom is usually caused by a plumbing leak, or from continuous condensation from steam. It can be relieved with sufficient room ventilation or by identifying the leak. Damp-Vent plugs are more effective for rising damp issues, or external penetrating damp, assisting the internal damp in the wall to ventilate, and eventually dry up. 

How long do the Damp-Vent plugs last? And do you have to change them regularly?

They last for a very long time. You leave the plugs in the affected wall/s indefinitely. You can see it as a wall fixture. As long as the plugs are in, the damp will be ventilated.

Are the Damp-Vent plugs suitable for exterior use?

Most definitely. Works well on exterior walls, and the plugs have a seal preventing rainwater/sprinklers and insects from penetrating it, yet at the same time providing damp ventilation.

Will the Damp-Vent plugs work for Nutec houses?

Yes, it would work. Nutec houses are made from fiber cement boards. The plugs will provide damp ventilation.

Will the Damp-Vent plugs be effective in older stone walls?

Yes, it will provide damp ventilation in stone walls.

Which color does the Damp-Vent plugs come in?

It only comes in a light beige color, which can be painted the same color as your wall (just don’t paint over the top ventilation hole).

What if my Double Wall does not have a cavity?

It does not matter, you just have to drill straight through – and insert one plug on each side.

DIY Installation Guidelines

  • The ideal plug spacing is 300-500mm apart, therefore you require 2-3 plugs per meter of wall (per side).
  • The suggested height is 300mm from the floor(or can be placed at height where damp is most prominent).
  • You require a Rotary Hammer Drill & 40mm SDS Max Masonry drill bit (recommended). The 40mm SDS Core bit will also work. This can be hired from most Tool Hire Shops.
  • If possible you should drill straight through the wall, and insert the plugs on either side (for maximum efficiency). For Cavity Walls: drill into the centre cavity of the wall between the front and back layers of bricks (+/- 140mm).

Handy Tips

  • Try to identify the source of the problem, where possible damp is coming from.
  • Avoid spending Thousands on Damp-Proofing systems and waterproofing of walls. If the walls are not completely dry, the same problem will re-occur and your plaster will flake again.
  • Expensive paints are not necessarily the best option for a damp wall, as it is more concentrated and doesn’t allow the wall to “ breathe”. Often less expensive paints are more diluted.
pvc pipe

Builders Tip: When building a new wall, use a 40mm pvc pipe as a template for the Damp-Vent holes to avoid having to drill afterwards!

Rising Damp

What is rising damp?

In short, rising damp on interior walls is a build up of internal moisture. This moisture shows through the plaster and paintwork. When the problem gets more severe, it shows up as wet patches on your wall. The building industry is booming worldwide. But many contractors take short cuts and don’t ensure proper foundations. There are also lots of old houses, so the rising damp home owners see is subtle, but fairly common.

Rising Damp

Why has rising damp occurred in my house?

Is your wall or foundation compromised for some or other reason? It may be because your home was built a long time ago. It may also have been built in a less-than-adequate manner by an amateur contractor. Whatever the reason, rising damp happens all the time. Some of the worst cases of rising damp has ever seen occur because of water that travels up from the ground and into your wall. When this happens, no amount of paint can hide the problem for long.

Rising Damp

Why do I need to treat rising damp?

Moisture in your wall is likely to have a snowball effect of damage. It spreads slowly throughout your entire wall and will eventually affect other areas of your home. You can try and paint over it, but eventually it will show through. There are really only two ways to treat this issue: You could strip your entire wall and replace the DPC, or you could use Damp-Vent supplied plugs and air the moisture out of your walls. Which one sounds easier—and cheaper—to you?

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