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Rising Damp Solution

Do You Have Problems with Peeling Plaster & Paint on Your Walls?

There is no use to damp-proof and re-paint when there's still damp trapped inside a wall.

Introducing Damp-Vent - A simple & cheap ventilation solution to accelerate the drying out of walls - and cause no further damage.


Accelerate drying out of damp walls

Prevents further spreading of rising damp
Easy Installation - no need to strip and repaint your wall
Minimal disturbance to building structure
Perfect for new and old buildings
Can be used on both single & double thickness walls
Suitable for both interior and exterior use

Our Customer Stories

I installed more than 30 plugs in a house at Tergniet. This product is a great investment in your house. You can also use it as a drainage system by installing a 40mm pvc pipe and using the damp-vent plug as a end prop. Great product.

Sarel FerreiraMosselbay

This is an excellent product I’ve used them on a couple of sites where rising damp and Mould was a big problem. Most older houses weep holes have been clogged up not allowing sufficient air flow. Damp Vent Valves allow for much needed flow.

ShaneDamp Proofing Specialist, Cape Town

Die damp sal die roete van minste weerstand volg. So enige leë gat in die muur sal die omliggende area droog "suig". Ek het so van die proppies ingesit en hulle werk. As jy wil kan jy maar net die gat boor ook. So groot as moontlik, met 'n coredril. Ek het 90mm gate op een slegte plek geboor. Baie cheaper en werk soos 'n bom. Die proppies lyk net netjieser natuurlik.

Fanie SwanepoelGauteng

I installed it in my house. In one room to test. 3 weeks after installation I resealed the wall after the paint was stripped. Primed and water proofed all the walls in the room. The vents are still perfect but the other rooms that had damp are already showing damp signs again. I can surely say that this product works for my house. I am planning to install throughout the entire house. A friend and myself fitted them ourselves.

Johann KotzeCape Town

Works like a charm - fitted the Damp-Vent plugs in my whole house. Our walls were always wet and crumbly, now it's completely dry, and we can start sanding and repainting. We only fitted the plugs on the outside of the wall. My son is a contractor, and also recommends it for his clients.

Retha van den BergPotchefstroom

When we moved into our new home this year, we got a little surprise…every homeowner’s worst fear…mould!! The walls of the guestroom were packed with mould, and paint bubbling and chipping off. It was a mess! Even when you just stood there in the middle of the room, you could almost “feel” and smell the humidity from the wet walls. So, the hard work started, and we did everything by ourselves. After stripping the paint from the walls and covering the whole outside wall with several layers of waterproof paint, the walls remained wet. We were miserable and hopeless until we saw these fantastic Damp Ventilation Plug! The product had a lot of great reviews and so we ordered it immediately. Once it arrived, we installed it and was amazed at how easy it was to install. When we walk into our guestroom now, that humidity and awful smell is gone, which means the walls are finally dry! Thank you so much for such a great invention!


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